The Sword and Spork Café



Allied under the Silver Valkyrie Events banner


In between her duties as Free Paladin, Lello desired something more to give to the people of Eorzea than herself.

Creating a café business inspired by her love of hot drinks and cakes galore, she started by moving out to The Topmast in Mist.

Lello ran The Sword and Spork out of her apartment, before meeting and adopting Yuyuki as head chef.

As time passed, Yuyuki offered her basement in her plot at The Goblet. Lello agreed to this although it was unfair to use this space without giving something in return; She offered to share the business with her friend. Thus started their partnership.

As time has gone, Lello and Yuyuki have moved twice to new and large expansions and hired new staff; Making friends along the way!

However, Yuyuki eventually decided that she wanted to retire and Lello and her team now continue on with the legacy that she left behind.

To this day, Lello and the team continue to make steps in the industry of hospitality.


Please keep the following in mind when roleplaying in The Spork:

Please type in Yell chat when giving your order. This makes it easy for our staff to keep track of it.We give items out to customers as part of our Roleplay experience, and take Gil in a Psudo-RP fashion (Emoted payment, not real Gil). In short, we give food items for free.Donations are accepted should you choose to be a generous soul, and should be given to serving staff to go towards further renovations and item crafting.
In order to maintain the positive environment of The Spork, please keep note of the following:

Combat and Weapons are prohibited - Security will ask you to /displayarms to hide any visible weapons on your person.Please refrain from making the staff or guests uncomfortable. Any prolonged activity that upsets others will result in staff asking you to leave.We are a RP Venue working under the Silver Valkyrie Events partnership banner, and as such their rules with regards to roleplay extend to ourselves. Please respect their code of conduct as we do with theirs.



Lello Dalamiq

28 / Xaela / Waiting on a Yol

A Doman-Steppe refugee who came to Eorzea with Yugiri following Operation Archon (A Realm Reborn).

Her proximity to those who helped her people in their time of need means she has met the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in passing; Including Hydaelyn's Chosen (The Player's WoL).

A free Paladin who took to owning a café business on the side, she has since taken up the Rapier and Crystal Medium in an ongoing quest to better understand the balance of Black and White Magic.


Sarah Blackmourne

36 / Veena Viera / Married to Adelas Blackmourne

Sarah is an ex-pirate who was once a full-time adventurer and sellsword. Having put her old way of life on hold for a couple of years in order to care for her family, the present remains as busy and exciting partially due to her multitude of day and night jobs.

A trove of tales and secrets hide beneath her warm and motherly demeanor. When she's not busy working, she's cooking or gardening (or napping, if possible) in a cottage in the Lavender Beds.

Sarah is the owner of By The Riverbend, of which a link can be found below:


Nononzo Zezenzo

Mid-20's / Dunesfolk / Lone Combatant

Living in the streets of Limsa for most of his life, Nononzo has learnt multiple forms of combat, but excels as a Warrior.

His life consists of protecting those dear to him, in any way he can until his last breath. He rarely has much free time as he is either travelling or fighting, but recently he's begun to relax a lot more, attempting to improve his social skills.

Yisu Kha

20 / Xaela / Extremely Confused

Yisu Kha is a shy Xaela maiden from the Steppe. At twenty summers old, she has only recently traveled to Eorzea upon a trademerchant's ship to Limsa Lominsa with her brother and her childhood friend. Her naive nature and general innocence prevents her from understanding some of the more nuanced social interactions she's taken part in.


Yuyuki Yuki

32 / Dunesfolk / Cullinarian Extraordinaire

A Trained Machinist, Professional Chef and a True Artisan of Carpentry, Yuyuki was one of The Spork's two owners and served as both Head Chef and Interior Decorator of The Spork.

Her interests in trade accrued the team a steady fortune, resulting in constant betterment of the business be it renovations or new land entirely.

For a time, she took to performing on stage with her long-lost older sister Yuyuko. This has since lead to Yuyuko's fast recruitment into The Spork's Security.

After a time, she chose to retire from the Spork to focus on her own personal endeavours. She remains a faithful friend of the business.