The Sword and Spork

An Independent, Non-Combat RP Café for Final Fantasy XIV.Address:
Ward 21, Plot 14
The Goblet
Lich (Light DC)
Ask Lello Dalamiq for Estate Invites.Opening Times:
Thursdays - 8pm UK Time
(8pm ST during GMT, 7pm ST during DST/BST)

Code of Conduct

To ensure everyone at The Spork has a happy experience, please respect the following decisions:Combat is prohibited.
Wearing weapons is fine. You should not be using skills or engaging in combat.
Please refrain from making staff or guests uncomfortable.
We have a strict, No-Drama policy and anything done to incite inflammatory behaviour against staff or guests on venue grounds will result in immediate bans from both the venue and official Discord.
Our rules co-align with that of our partners; Please respect their rules as you would our own.If you are new to roleplay, are looking to observe or are just shy, let Lello know! They'll be more than happy to help you get comfortable.

About Us

Lello Dalamiq - Owner
28 / Xaela / Free-Spirited
A Doman-Steppe refugee who came to Eorzea with Yugiri following Operation Archon (A Realm Reborn).Her proximity to those who helped her people in their time of need means she has seen the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in passing, including any portrayal of Hydaelyn's Chosen given to her.
Battle wounds from The Ghimlyt Dark included the loss of her natural hair colour, and due to the kindness of their charity, gained her now-iconic look from the Leveilleur Twins.

Saikhan Khartsgai
22 / Xaela / Friend-Shaped
Born to the Kahkol tribe, Saikhan found her home in the skies when she ran from her tribe to be a Sky Pirate. She gave up piracy when her crew disbanded.
However, the freedom granted from the sky was tempting to her, and she opted for a more Xaelan approach. She founded her own tribe, Khartsgai.
After recruiting Lello to her newly found tribe alongside her partner, she lends a hand to the Spork's staff as a waitress, bringing her upbeat energy!
...Just don't mind the crunching sound behind the walls. Chances are, Saikhan couldn't resist the sight of sweets.

Jepherson Freimann29 / Highlander / GunnerBorn and raised in Ala Mhigo, Jepherson's birth and childhood have been plagued by the Empire's boot. Making the best of it by learning the Ins and outs of Magitek, he managed to claw out armaments from what others would have deemed trash.Due to his propensity for explosives, he's almost always guaranteed to be the most dangerous man in the room (through no fault of his own... Ish). Paired with his love of a drink or three, this has naturally put Jeph on the Eorzean Alliance's watchlist as a potential arsonist.Thankfully, Lello and the Spork's team keep him in check while making the most of his culinary skills.


The Sword and Spork is partnered with many friends in the Light DC RP community.
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